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Volume 9 Issue No. 4


The Bodhisattva Way... by Venerable Master Shen-Kai

When we practise the Great Dharma (Dharma of the Mother of Great Wisdom - 大智母法), we spontaneously transform our seventh mind-consciousness or “transient-invisible-body” into light. It is transformed into brightness and returned to the quintessence of Buddha of the Dharma World. This brightness is not the sunlight. It is also not the brightness of a lamp, but the quintessence of Buddha (known as 寂光 [Jí-Guāng] in Mandarin).

When we are cultivating the Great Dharma, by the non-arising of the mind the sentient being inside you no longer exists. We thereby awake our own Buddha-nature.

When our mind is completely pure, devoid of arising and ceasing of thoughts, it naturally produces brightness. Our brightness is the same as that of all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.

When our brightness merges with the brightness of Buddha, we become a "greater self" in the quintessence of the universe and no longer the "little self" of an ordinary being. The quintessence of Buddha is the real self, whereas the self of an ordinary being is false.

When we speak of learning Buddhism to find our true nature, it is referring to this greater self. When we accomplished this greater self in this way, regardless of any Buddha and in any world, whether the Buddha is Amitabha Buddha, Bhaisajya Buddha or any other Buddha, we are also a part of the Buddha.

When we are adept in the practice of the Great Dharma, a favourable condition spontaneously emerges at the point of death and transports us to the Jí-Guāng Pure Land (寂光淨土).


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