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Volume 9 Issue No. 4

The Blossom of Wisdom
by Venerable Master Shen-Kai

How may we believe, comprehend, practise and attain?


A long-time Buddhist practitioner journeyed to the monastery to consult with Venerable Master Shen-Kai regarding the Dharma. He enquired,

"Through the course of learning Buddhism, I have read many Buddhist books and sutras, listened to many Dharma talks, learned meditation and participated in meditation retreats. Naturally, I learned quite a lot. However, till now, I cannot help feeling that cultivation is something very profound and very difficult. It seems as if liberating ourselves, practising the Bodhisattva Way and attaining Buddhahood are quite impossible for ordinary people to achieve. This is why, the more I learn, the more I lose confidence. How should I continue learning? Where should I start cultivating from?"


Venerable Master replied, "If you consider Buddhadharma to be a subject of research and analysis, then the more you analyse it, the more lost, confused and bewildered you will become. Buddhadharma must be practised. In practising it, you immediately incorporate it in your daily life and break your habitual tendencies. Meanwhile, you also practise the Bodhisattva Way. While doing so, you attain realisations and then naturally, you will understand. In this way, your learning of Buddhism will be useful and beneficial. This is 'believe, comprehend, practise and attain'. In learning Buddhism, do not be attached to the principles. If you can now integrate the Buddhadharma into your daily life, you can be liberated instantly. If a thought now arises, that is transmigration. Transmigration does not only occur after death. Thus, at this very moment, there is no birth (arising) and death (ceasing). In this instant, be liberated. If you are always liberated like this, only then will you be liberated when you die."


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