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Volume 7 no 4

The Bodhisattva Path

Guiding sentient beings to the path of Enlightenment

… progress oneself in order to help others progress,
… save oneself in order to save others,
… transform oneself in order to transform others.

1. How do we guide sentient beings to the path of Enlightenment?
First and foremost, we have to convince and transform our own inner sentient being. If we cannot even convince ourselves, then how can we convince the other sentient beings to do so?

2. What is the meaning of sentient being?
From day to night, at every moment, the human mind is engaged in ceaseless thoughts which are infinite. These distracting and illusory thoughts are our inner sentient being.

3. Where do sentient beings reside?
They reside in our mind. The sentient beings in this world and in this universe are infinite and without end because in every person’s mind the inner sentient being is infinite.

4. Why is it good for people to eliminate their inner sentient being?
Because sentient being is synonymous with darkness; brightness is synonymous with wisdom.

5. How do we attain brightness?
By constantly eliminating our own inner sentient being, and maintaining a state where the inner sentient being does not exist. Let us not engage in distracting and illusory thoughts


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