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Volume 7 no 3

The Bodhisattva Path...
by Venerable Shen-Kai
Aspire for the Bohdi Mind
1. What is Bodhi?
Bodhi means having enlightenment and cultivating on the enlightened path that ultimately leads to supreme enlightenment.

2. Why is the Bodhi so important for a practitioner of Buddhism?
In order to eradicate sufferings, people have to attain the Bodhi, and this can only be attained when they are resolved to aspire for the Bodhi mind.

3. How does one resolve to aspire for the Bodhi mind?
People must first realise that in life one has to encounter many kinds of suffering.

4. What is the Bodhi mind?
The Bodhi mind refers to a mental attitude that seeks the right way to attaining the wisdom of the Buddha and to become Buddha. It is the mind that aspires for supreme enlightenment.

5. What do we do when we aspire for the Bodhi mind?
When we aspire for the Bodhi mind, we have to cultivate on the Bodhisattva Path.

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