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Volume 7 no 3

From the Editor

A better and happier life needs wisdom

It is in our nature to seek a better and happier life. But we need someone to show us the way – the Buddha and his teachings. The purpose of learning and practising Buddhism is to help us live a better and happier life. Happiness, blessings and bliss evade people because they don't understand how things or how all phenomena in nature work.

For example, if we do not know or understand that all things - including human beings, go through the 4 phases of creation (or formation), existence, decay and destruction, then we would become very upset if the life of any of our possessions come to an end. When a loved one passes away, little do we know that there is rebirth and that there are six realms into which one can be reborn into. The human realm is just one of the six. We don't understand the natural law of cause and effect; therefore we commit wrong doings, thinking that all is well, or we refuse to perform good deeds thinking that they are not our duty.

Because of our ignorance, we cling and attach to our ego and become self-centred thinking that this is the way to attaining happiness. But we do not realise that our self-centredness in reality causes us to be farther and farther away from the happiness that we seek so much.

In short, we are led by our ignorance and illusions. The opposite of ignorance and illusions is wisdom. With wisdom, it is like switching on a light in an otherwise dark room. When the light is turned on, we see everything very clearly. We know exactly what to do to live a better and happier live.

The ultimate aim of learning and practising the Buddha’s teachings is to unfold that wisdom – wisdom to live a better and happier life.

Be with Buddha.


Copyright 2002.Jen Chen Buddhism Centre