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Volume 7 no 1

The Bodhisattva Path...
by Venerable Shen-Kai
The Bodhisattva cultivates everywhere
... progress oneself in order to help others progress,
... save oneself in order to save others,
... transform oneself in order to transform others.

Pride and Ego

1. If a student of Buddhism harbours pride and ego, it proves that he has not cultivated enough.

2. If a person prostrates himself before the Buddha more frequently, to the extent that perhaps one day he can do the same to people whom he meets, then he would have totally eradicated his pride and ego.

3. It is only when we are humble in all aspects of our dealings with people and work that we will see gradual progress in our life and our wisdom will begin to unfold.

4. A cultivator of Buddhism needs to be very humble at all times, display the finest of mannerism constantly and be ever ready to offer his apologies. The practice of humility, mannerism and apologies is also the best way to practise liberation.

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