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Volume 6 no 4

The Bodhisattva Path...
by Venerable Shen-Kai
The Bodhisattva cultivates everywhere
... progress oneself in order to help others progress,
... save oneself in order to save others,
... transform oneself in order to transform others.

1. Do not think that we should become enlightened first and then practise the Bodhisattva Path. Without practising the Bodhisattva Path we cannot become enlightened.

2. Discard all that are extra and redundant, and when the mind is free of uncontrolled and illusory thoughts, our wisdom will begin to unfold.

3. If we are not repentant for the evil seeds that we have planted, then in future when the seeds sprout these may be enough to cause us to descend to the realm of hell.

4. The moment we realise that we have committed a wrongdoing, we should repent spontaneously. Genuine repentance does not need to subscribe to any fix form or time.

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