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Volume 6 no 3

The Bodhisattva Path...
by Venerable Shen-Kai
The Bodhisattva cultivates everywhere
... progress oneself in order to help others progress,
... save oneself in order to save others,
... transform oneself in order to transform others.

1. If whatever we do, we do them for our own benefit, out of selfish and egoistic reasons, thinking that that is the way to pursue bliss and happiness, then in the end we will receive the exact opposite.

2. It is important that people know how and when to let go of their attachments. When people ceaselessly let go of the thoughts that arise from the mind, then the mind calms down, and their wisdom and brightness will appear.

3. We have to cultivate ourselves first before we can reach out and guide others. If we are able to cultivate ourselves well, then we will be able to guide others.

4. The human mind is constantly busy with redundant and illusory thoughts. This is the inner sentient being and when extinguished, wisdom will unfold. With wisdom people will be able to reach out and help others.

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