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Volume 6 no 1

From The Editor

It is a Blissful Life

I wonder what would people be doing if they have finally done all that they wanted to do and gotten all that they ever wanted in life. Would they simply be whiling the time away? Some people liken life to a moving bicycle, if we stop pedalling it, it soon comes to a halt and fall over. I believe many of us have experienced this at some point in life. I remember feeling a sudden emptiness the morning after I had finished my final examinations at university. For a while, I was lost. I don't have priorities anymore and I don't know what I should be doing. The bicycle has fallen over! And so, like a moving bicycle, life is about getting there, for when we have arrived it can also mean that the journey has ended and the game is over.

We all aspire for our journey through life to be a happy and blissful one, one that is filled with joy and beautiful scenery at the same time. But, not all journeys hold the same promises. Some are filled with misery and darkness, and are best avoided. We can be confident about not taking a wrong turn if we are equipped with a compass to guide us in our journey through life. In this issue, we liken the 'Venerable Shen-Kai answers' column to the personification of a Bliss Compass, guiding people to where bliss and happiness can be found.

The ultimate objective of the Buddha's teachings is for us to become enlightened and be a Bliss Compass for ourselves as well as for other people. This requires cultivation and, people have to resolve to aspire for an awakened, enlightened mind. That is the Bodhi mind. This is no different from the need of an aspiring champion to have the commitment and mind of a champion, and take the necessary steps to become one.

Although the Buddha's teachings are meant for sentient beings to practise, in order to live a better life, often we encounter people who have difficulties seeing that connection. They see them as separate matters. Starting with this issue, we introduce a new column for practitioners of Jen Chen Buddhism to share their experiences in life where they can relate to the Buddha's teachings. Aptly, we name this column 'It is a Blissful Life'. I wish one and all a Blissful Life.

Be with Buddha.


Copyright 2002.Jen Chen Buddhism Centre