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Volume 5 no 4

The Bodhisattva Path

… the Road to Enlightenment

1. The word 'sutra' means a 'way', that is a path. The way to go to the Western Pure Land is a path. There are many kinds of paths, and therefore when we recite the sutras, we need to know their principles.

2. All sutras are a path to enlightenment. Besides missing the scenery along the way, people cannot reach their destination by merely reciting the name of the road leading to it. They need to travel on it. Thus, to reach enlightenment, one should tread on the path rather than merely reciting the sutras.

3. Reciting sutras can lessen the hindrances of negative karma.
But, understanding the sutras is better than reciting the sutras.
Practising the sutras is better than understanding the sutras.

4. People who recite the sutras and pay reverence to the Buddha can change their destiny. They invariably draw praise from others. In this way, they will not think of committing evil deeds. When thoughts of committing evil arise in their mind, they will remind themselves that they are practitioners who recite sutras and pay reverence to the Buddha. Once such thoughts arise, their destiny is changed.


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