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Volume 5 no 4

The Voice of Bliss

To some people chanting the name of Buddha is a means to feel calm and relaxed. Its deeper meaning, however, is more serious than that. It is about an after life in a Buddha-Land and thereafter to continue cultivation. But, it takes more than just a simple verbal exercise. Amongst other practices, we must also be able to let go and eliminate all forms of greed. Therefore, start our cultivation early and as young as possible, because when we are able to chant 'Amitabha Buddha' until the mind is not perturbed by thoughts, we can be reborn in.

The Western Pure Land - Let go of all Attachments

It is a common practice among Buddhists to chant "Amitabha Buddha". To some people they feel calm and relaxed. Others understand it as a means of rebirth in the Western Pure Land when they die. However, few know that for that to happen, they must be able to chant "Amitabha Buddha" until the mind is not perturbed by thoughts, and also to let go of all forms of attachment and greed.

Sakyamuni Buddha speaks the truth. It is true that the Western Pure Land exists. It is rather simple matter to go there. All you have to do is chant "Amitabha Buddha" until your mind is not perturbed by thoughts. At the moment of death, Amitabha Buddha will come and receive you, and you just go with him. It is that simple. You must not say, "I cannot leave my wealth behind. I cannot let go. I cannot go." In fact, you need not be attached to your wealth because in the Western Pure Land you will find gold every where. There is more gold there than the soil in this world. There is absolutely no need for you to worry about your wealth, just concentrate in chanting "Amitabha Buddha".

You must not say, "This house of mine is very beautiful and it is only a couple of years old. I cannot leave this behind, I am not going to the Western Pure Land." Houses in the Western Pure Land are so much more beautiful than yours. They are lavishly decorated with gold, silver, azure, precious stones, pearl, etc.

You must not say that, "My spouse and I are very loving, I cannot bear to leave my spouse to go to the Western Pure Land." In the Western Pure Land, there is no gender form. Perhaps both your spouse and you can be there together. In the Western Pure Land there is no form of age, no form of suffering, no sickness and there is everlasting longevity. Isn't that wonderful! Misery abound in here in this world, in particular, we are prone to sickness and it is troublesome and painful with all those medication and medical treatment. Let's do the needful and waste no time to go to the Western Pure Land.

You must not say that you cannot part with your pet birds. There are all kinds of birds in the Western Pure Land that are transformed by Amitabha Buddha. They all know about chanting the Buddha, Dharma, Sangha and Amitabha Buddha.

It is a simple matter to go to the Western Pure Land. Let us all practise chanting "Amitabha Buddha" and be on our way there. We, as sentient beings, have greed. But once you have greed you will not be able to go to the Western Pure Land. If you have to be greedy, do not be greedy about the limited wealth that you have now. You might as well be enormously greedy about the Western Pure Land.


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