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Volume 5 no 4

From The Editor

Remembering Venerable Shen-Kai

Each year in August, devotees of Jen Chen Buddhism hold a service in memory of the Teacher of World Jen Chen Buddhism, Venerable Master Shen-Kai, who departed in 1996. It is rare to be able to encounter authentic Buddhism these days, but I had the opportunity to learn and practise Buddhism from one such as the Venerable Master in person. What kind of person was he? A Bodhisattva, a living testimony of all that Buddhism stands for - enlightenment, wisdom, compassion, loving-kindness, brightness, joy, liberation. I have been immensely fortunate.

I remember that in the memorial service the year before, several people were overwhelmed by their emotion when they spoke of their deep gratitude to the Master for leading them out of their woes and into the door of Buddhism. Obviously the Venerable Master's teachings had made a difference in their lives. These were people who had never even met the Venerable Master, let alone learn the Buddha-dharma directly from him! More accounts of encounters with the Master and his teachings were shared this year. They are the result of the Venerable Master's legacy of books, publications and speeches on the teachings of Humanity Vehicle Buddhism, and the missions and disciples who continue to promote a Bliss Culture for humanity around the world.

Venerable Master Shen-Kai had noticed that many people face difficulties in understanding the Buddha's teachings because they were often treated with mystery, superstition or with complexity. He corrected this misconception by presenting the Buddha's teachings in a way that is compatible with the natural capacities of humanity and also fulfils the needs of the modern times.

The Venerable Master encourages one and all to seek enlightenment, and to work to guide every human being to emulate the Bodhisattvas, to be Bodhisattvas themselves, and to promote the Bodhisattva-Humanity Vehicle Buddhism to all sentient beings, life after life. This Digest is part of that effort.

Again, let us walk on the Bodhisattva Path.

Be with Buddha.


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