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Volume 5 no 3

The Bodhisattva Path … the Road to Enlightenment.

From A Human To A Buddha

Five Precepts: Refrain from
(1) Killing
(2) Stealing
(3) Lying
(4) Sexual misconduct and
(5) Consumption of intoxicants

Ten Virtuous Deeds: Refrain from

(1) killing,
(2) stealing,
(3) sexual misconduct,
(4) false speech,
(5) frivolous and meaningless talk,
(6) double-tongue or tale-bearing,
(7) slanderous speech,
(8) greed,
(9) ill will,
(10) ignorance or perverted views.

All Buddhas cultivate as human beings: Sakyamuni became Buddha by cultivating when he was a human. Not only did Sakyamuni have to be born a human being to become Buddha, all the one thousand Buddhas in the present period of our earth had to be human beings to become Buddha as well.

Ensuring rebirth in the human realm: Observing the Five Precepts and performing the Ten Virtuous Deeds ensure rebirth in the human realm.

The path to enlightenment:
Reborn as a human being life after life, and continue to learn and practise Buddhism and follow the Bodhisattva path until you ultimately become Buddha. This is possible as long as you observe the Five Precepts and perform the Ten Virtuous Deeds.

Cultivation is for all human beings: People may have good lives now, but it does not mean that they cannot become ill and die someday. Because all human beings encounter suffering, we all need to cultivate our mind and deeds, seek liberation and practise the Bodhisattva Path until we are enlightened and become Buddha. Only then have we attained the ultimate.

Cultivation makes a better person: Some people are better off than others are. They hold high offices or are wealthy. This is because in their previous lives, besides observing the Five Precepts and performing the Ten Virtuous Deeds, they also cultivated blessings, virtues as well as performing good karma.


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