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Volume 5 no 3

What Buddhism means to me

Blessings And Wisdom
By Nancy Mong

Until I encountered Buddhism, I have never heard of people having to cultivate blessings and wisdom, much less their importance. I had taken these for granted; either you have them or you don't. It is easy for one to understand that if people do not strive to have a steady income but simply live on their savings in the bank, then whatever that they have will soon become depleted. I learned something new in Buddhism - the blessings of the present life is the result of good deeds done in the past, including our past lives. If people simply live on their present blessings without generating new ones by cultivating and performing good deeds, then they will soon become depleted too.

I used to think that intelligence and wisdom are the same. Now I know they are not. There are many people who use their intelligence to commit crimes or other unethical and immoral deeds. That is not wisdom. A person who has wisdom would not do that. He knows how to safeguard and make good use of his blessings. His actions are virtuous and they benefit both themselves and others. A person who has blessings but no wisdom, is like one standing at the edge of a cliff. He is always in danger of falling and hurting himself. People who are already blessed but abuse their power and wealth to commit unwholesome deeds are typical examples. On the other hand, people who have wisdom but not blessings will encounter many obstacles in life.

Blessings and wisdom are indeed important ingredients for a complete and fulfilling life. Whenever we perform an act of giving, we are cultivating our blessings. To unfold and develop our wisdom we have to cultivate our mind. If you start to learn and cultivate now, you will be thankful for having heard and received such wonderful teachings as I have.

I am grateful to Venerable Shen-Kai for promoting the Humanity Vehicle Buddhism in Australia and many other parts of the world. I am one of the many who have benefited from my encounter with the Humanity Vehicle Buddhism. It has helped me to embark on a journey to wisdom and bliss.


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