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Volume 5 no 3

From our readers

From Our Readers

From time to time readers write to tell us about what this Digest means to them. We would like to share this with you and should you wish to air your views, please feel free to drop us a few lines. We hope that more and more people will able to encounter Buddhism and understand it in its true spirit. Together, let us walk the Bodhisattva Path!

What Buddhism appeals to me is the profundity of the teachings of the Buddha. It calls for understanding of the nature of things as they really are and the knowing of the conditions that give rise to them, rather than blindly believing in a personal God who created everything, including catastrophes and calamities! … W Koh

Many a time, people misunderstand that Buddhism is all about rituals - how to pray, what to pray with, which idol or image to pray to, and seeking wealth and protection from harm. In the end, all that they did was to expend their time, energy and money. I found what I have been looking for in the Jen Chen Buddhist Digest. … M Woo

The teachings of the Buddha make life a wonderful experience. I learn to live with the environment rather than force or expect the environment to suit me. … S T Lim

I feel that I had done myself a big favour, for after embracing Buddhism and taking refuge, life for me is blissful, happy and peaceful. … A Tan

I am convinced that Buddhism is the religion that can liberate all sentient beings - and all through our own efforts. … M H Tan

I learned about the two types of Buddhists from the Jen Chen Buddhist Digest - those who pray to Buddha, and those who learn from Buddha. I was glad with this second encounter with Buddhism because I had wanted to learn from Buddha. It helps me to be a better person. I believe this is how everyone can truly benefit from Buddhist teachings. ... L Low

Friends often wonder why I chose Buddhism. To answer simply, it is because I need to know the reason for my existence and the meaning to it. Buddhism provided the answers. … T B Lim

I am very happy to be with the Digest. I find it very useful in creating a better life for everyone, including myself. I hope that the Digest will be a meaningful gift for those who are seeking a happy life. … T M Chieu

I do find the contents important and useful in helping me to understand more clearly about the real culture of humanity. Cambodian children and monks will gain more knowledge of Buddhist worlds from the Digest. … C Chin


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