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Volume 5 No 2

The Bodhisattava Path

Observing the Five Precepts
By Venerable Shen-Kai

All of us have our own blessings. The best way to safeguard our blessings is to observe the precepts. If a person does not observe the Five Precepts, then he is prone to actions that diminish his blessings.

If as human beings we cannot observe these Five Precepts, then we really have problems. On the other hand, if our conduct do not violate these Five Precepts, then the precepts are not a hindrance to us.

The compassionate Buddhas and Bodhisattvas teach sentient beings to observe the precepts so that they can distance from the danger, and safeguard their own blessings.

In Jen Chen Buddhism, precepts are "means of safeguarding our blessings", they uphold the bliss, blessing and well being of the family.

Buddhist monks observe two hundred and fifty precepts, nuns observe more than three hundred precepts. Lay Buddhists of the society have Five Precepts: abstention from:
(1) Killing
(2) Stealing
(3) Lying
(4) Sexual misconduct and
(5) Consumption of intoxicants


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