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Volume 5 No 1

The Bodhisattava Path

Benefiting self and others
By Venerable Shen-Kai

Liberation is very important to our lives. It is only through liberation that we have a blissful and carefree life.

We learn Buddhism to seek liberation. But, we must not think that we are liberated only when we die. We need to understand how to liberate ourselves at this very moment while we are still alive. If, while living we don't understand the principle of liberation, then it is not possible to attain the great liberation upon death.

To attain liberation we have to be liberated from every issue of life. It is only through numerous 'small liberation's' that we are able to achieve 'great liberation's'.

Liberation is like this: When we are reprimanded for our wrong doings, we are thankful. The matter is closed and we are liberated. To react with defiance, harsh words, sarcasm, or other actions is not being liberated.

To attain liberation we have to purify the six sense-organs: our eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and mind.

Deliverance from attachment and freedom from transmigration, form karma, from illusion, from suffering...


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