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Volume 4  No 3

The Voice of Bliss

Precepts are Means of Safeguarding Our Blessings

All humanity seek happiness and bliss, but on the other hand they are also apprehensive about observing the precepts. The truth is that observing the precepts are actually the very means by which we attain happiness and bliss. All humanity have blessings, and observing the precepts are the means of safeguarding and sustaining these blessings. Observing the precepts is everybody's business, Buddhists and non-Buddhits alike.

Buddhism is an enlightening religion. We are sentient beings with mind-consciousness, but our greatest fear is that we are not enlightened. All sentient beings are endowed with the ability to be enlightened. If we are enlightened, then we are called Bodhisattvas. A Bodhisattva is a sentient being with awareness or enlightenment, or having awakened. A Bodhisattva who practises the Bodhisattva path by propagating the principles of Buddhism to sentient beings, is called 'awakening or enlightening sentient beings'. One who has attained the supreme rightful equality and rightful awareness becomes a Buddha of supreme enlightenment. The Buddha is the great Enlightened One. The most important thing about learning Buddhism, therefore, is to emulate Buddha's awareness.

The purpose of learning Buddhism is to have awareness. With awareness, we will naturally avoid evil deeds. Those who do not believe in Buddhism often use the excuse that though Buddhism is good, the rules of the precepts* are too stringent. The mention of precepts often deter such people from embracing Buddhism. However, in reality all human beings have blessings, and precepts are means of safeguarding our blessings. How should we sustain and safeguard our blessings? For example, a trust-worthy person may because of his greed begin to deceive and cheat others. Nobody trusts him anymore and his loses his job. In this way he destroys his own happiness and bliss. This is the reason why observing the precepts is important. Many people agree that this principle of safeguarding the blessings of humanity is excellent and subsequently took refuge in Buddhism. This is the meaning of precepts.

If you can observe the precepts, you will be able to sustain your happiness and bliss. If you do not observe the precepts, then you will destroy your happiness and bliss. This is the way a blissful culture is evolved. Understanding that all evil deeds destroy our happiness and bliss, and that following the Buddha's teachings not only help us to attain happiness and bliss, our family, society and country will also have happiness and bliss.

*The Five Precepts: Refrain from 1. Killing 2. Stealing 3. Sexual misconduct
4. False speech 5. Consumption of intoxicants


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