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Volume 4  No 3

From the Editor

Knowing and Realizing in Advance
By Lim Thiam Beng

In times like these when political upheavals, confrontations between countries and the economic crisis cause many uncertainties, it is inevitable that some of us could be thrown into confusion, disappointment, failure, anger, frustration and may be even misfortune. But, despite the current adversities, we are still the only known intelligent life form in the immense universe. What we need is a source of inner strength and courage to understand and face the realities, but most of all we need a direction to remain optimistic.

Regardless of the current conditions, such distresses are a fact of life. Fortunately, these are all known to the Buddha - the Enlightened One, and his teachings are meant to guide all sentient beings out of this wilderness and put us on the track to being a better person and living a better life.

Living with the guidance of the Buddha's teachings make life such a wonderful thing. They steer us to progress from 'not knowing and not realizing' to 'knowing and realizing retrospectively', and eventually to 'knowing and realizing in advance.' When we know and realize ahead of time, then we know exactly what we should or should not do. In this way not only can we avoid the Sea of Misery, but we can also assist others to navigate out of it. We know and do create new and virtuous causes and conditions whenever possible. We know and realize the importance of observing the precepts to create and safeguard our blessings. We have absolute control over what becomes of us - today, tomorrow, this life and the many lives to come.

If life can be likened to a journey, then it is a great journey filled with brightness, happiness, bliss and blessings. Each day brings new hopes, and we resume with the journey where we had left the day before.

May Buddha be with you, may brightness be with you.


Copyright 2002.Jen Chen Buddhism Centre