Volume 4  No 1

From the Editor

Of Precepts and Blessings
By Dr Lim Thiam Beng

YOU MAY be familiar with the story about the prodigal son whose mother sewed some gold pieces in his belt hoping that he would find them in time of need. Of course, his mother didn’t tell him lest he squanders them away. Foolhardy as he was, he soon parted with all his money. By and by, his cronies deserted him and in his later years he became destitute and had to resort to begging. All this while he had the gold with him, but he never knew. Human beings are like this sometimes - having blessings but not knowing about it. Instead, they squander them away only to regret later.

Thus, several decades ago when Venerable Master Shen-Kai began to promote Jen Chen Buddhism, he called it Human Bliss Culture. How wise, we are blissful through our blessings. Safeguarding our blessings is as important as adding to them, otherwise they soon deplete. However, our blessings are decided by our karma through the law of cause and effect : virtuous karma begets virtuous blessings, and vice-versa.

Understanding this relationship is very important because we are creating karma at every moment of our life. For this reason, this issue focuses on observing the precepts and performing virtuous deeds. These are the corner stones of Jen Chen Buddhism.

Be with Buddha.

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