Since time immemorial, people the world over seek peace, happiness and bliss. But, to many they remain ever elusive, largely because people do not know how to achieve them. Through this website, we wish to offer a means by which we can forever part with suffering and attain the true peace, happiness and bliss that we all seek. We wish to clarify that the teaching of Buddhism is intimately related to our life, and how we can live it better, and be a better person. We wish to share with you what Buddha, the Enlightened One, taught about cultivating our own blessings, wisdom, graciousness, and living a meaningful, bright and blissful life. But, most of all we wish to share with you how we can achieve all these when we conduct our lives according to the teachings of this Great Teacher.

Our Objectives are:
1. To practise the teachings of Sakyamuni Buddha
2. To generate the Bodhisattva spirit in words and deeds.    
3. To promote Jen Chen Buddhism
4. To unfold the wisdom of humanity
5. To promote a blissful culture for humanity
6. To purify the mind of humanity
7. To manifest compassion and
8. To benefit society in deeds  
9. To help establish a pure world
10. To advance world peace
11. To create a beautiful world
12. To cultivate supreme enlightenment

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