According to the teacher of World Jen Chen Buddhism, Venerable Master Shen Kai, "The culture of Buddhism is Bliss Culture. The culture of purifying the human mind is also Bliss Culture. The purpose of learning Buddhism is to avoid suffering, attain happiness and be liberated. However, the only way for human beings to understand the true meaning of bliss and to attain a blissful life is to learn and practise Buddhism and to eradicate their undesirable habits, unfold their wisdom and seek liberation."

The entire human race strives for happiness, but there is no lack of disasters. The calamities face by many are the consequence of their innumerable evils deeds arising from their action, speech and mind. The mind is actually our thoughts; evil thoughts bring about evil actions. The karma of the mind comprises greed, anger and ignorance, while that of speech includes lying, flirtatious speech, tale bearing and abusive language. The karma of the body comprises killing, stealing and sexual misconduct. It is because of the these negative karma that vexations and anxieties befall on us. Thus, in order to attain a blissful life, human beings must refrain from greed, anger, ignorance, killing, stealing and sexual misconduct.

Many religions educate people to do good and to avoid evils. Buddhism not only teaches people to avoid all evils, perform all that are good, but also to purify one’s mind. When the mind is purified, naturally there is no greed, anger, ignorance and so no evil deeds will be committed. Because of the lack of wisdom and awareness of our actions, however, we are often deceived by our own mind. We are ignorant of the law of cause and effect and because of this we act without realizing and understanding the consequence of our actions. Misfortune therefore follows.

If all of us learn and practise the Buddha’s teachings, and sincerely practise to purify our action, speech and mind, then our wisdom will unfold. With wisdom we will be able to perform deeds that are beneficial to ourselves, others and the society. It is in this way that a blissful life is created and the world will be full of brightness. This is why the culture of Buddhism is Bliss Culture.


1. Six realms of existence: The realms of devas or celestial being, asura, human beings, animals, ghosts and hell.

2. Karma: Actions of the body, speech or thought of the mind.

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