I lose my temper easily, how shall I cultivate?

How Shall I Cultivate

You need to cultivate endurance. But, when you have reached the stage where you
voice-deal1.jpg (9780 bytes) cannot endure anymore, your temper will still explode. Thus, the need to achieve the endurance of non-endurance. The power of endurance is the greatest in this world. For example, an object may be indestructible when soaked in water or burned with fire, but it can be crushed on impact. However, Sarira or relics can never be crushed. One who cultivates the non-origination of the mind, and the endurance of non-endurance, will upon death produces Sarira. Thus, the capacity of endurance is indeed great!

I get angry over trivial matters, what should I do?

Get angry over trivial matters

Very simple. Just do not be angry. If you are not able to do that, prepare yourself a mirror. Whenever you become angry, have a look at yourself in the mirror. When you see your angry face, you will probably cool down. In this way, you are less likely to be angry again in future.

If the anger is suppressed and though it has been endured the anger still exists, what shall I do when it is beyond endurance?

What to do if the anger is beyond endurance

When it is beyond endurance, the best thing to do is to let it explode. After the explosion, then you will understand that you need to endure.

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