Digest Vol 9 No. 3

All Form is Non-form

From the Editor

The Blossom of Wisdom
Wealthy People may not necessary have Blessings
Jen Chen (Humanity Vehicle) Buddhism advocates families cultured with Buddhism
When mind's lamp is brightly lit, Wisdom blossoms.

Bliss Compass
Mind arising from the state of non-grasping

It's a Blissful Life
When the mind is ready
Use it now, use it wisely and be happy

The Bodhisattva Way
First, we must understand the meaning of Bodhi mind. When we aspire for the Bodhicitta, we have to practise the Bodhisattva Way. The Bodhisattva Way of cultivation means to progress oneself in order to help others progress, to save oneself in order to save others and to transform oneself in order to transform others. When you understand this, you will naturally know that it requires wisdom and you will begin to pursue it.

Jen Chen Buddhism

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